Providing Affordable Website Options for Ohio’s 88 County Democratic Parties.


Many local parties operate on shoe-string budgets but it is incredibly important to have an online presence. We aim to help with that!


We train your team so YOU have access to make updates and changes when needed.


We offer several invoicing options that can work with your timeline and budget.


We work with all vendors for contribution and integrate with your email lists. If you don’t have either, we can help get you started!

Involved and Understanding 

Our team is directly involved with local politics and ready to help you. We understand the fiscal restraints of small democratic parties. Because of this, we hvave created two affordable invoicing options for your membership to consider.

Contact us for more information on getting started. 

We Provide a Complete Web Solution for your Local Party

Your website integrates with your online contribution processer of choice as well as provides you with insights on how people are using your website. Encourage your voters to get involved and join your email list or Facebook group. 

Recent Website Launches:

Why Blue 88?



42% of county democratic parties in Ohio don't have a website

During the 2020 election an audit of Ohio’s 88 counties found that 37 local county democratic parties did not have a website. That is an unacceptable 42%. 


Join other local county parties with a tested platform

Our tested template can be adapted to your needs and highlight your local parties events, subcommittees, values, etc. Having a web presence allows you to reach even more members who may feel they have been left out of the process.

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